How do I enroll for my 1 free trial class? At the top of this page, click trial form. You will be redirected to the client portal where you will create your account, review policies, and enter your payment information.

What do I do after I submit my trial form? Within 72 hours you’ll receive a confirmation email with the free trial date OR the steps you need to take to schedule your 1 free trial.

What does my child wear? Leotard or athletic shorts and t-shirt. No socks or shoes.

How do we enroll after our trial? Email with the requested class, day, and time you’d like to enroll. Once payment has processed, enrollment will be completed, and a confirmation schedule with start date will be emailed.

If I enroll in the middle of the month, will my tuition be prorated? Yes, the 1st month tuition will be prorated accordingly to start date.

Can I change the day or time later? Yes, there is no charge to change classes (space permitting). Email info@geronimogymnastics with your requested change of class, day, or time.

How do I withdraw? Email requesting withdrawal prior to the 22nd of current month. You will receive an email confirmation showing requested withdrawal.

What do I do if I call the gym and no one answers? Send request to OR leave a detailed VM to be returned the following business day.